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6 Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Bookmark Chimi Printing

Bookmarks can do so much more than mark the reader’s spot in a book. They can also be used as a marketing tool if chimi printed with your branding.

1. Use Bookmarks For Business Cards
A bookmark branded with your company’s name instead of a business card is a great idea for anyone involved in or connected to the book industry. This includes authors, publishers, educational companies, and charities. Your bookmarks will allow your recipients to read more easily and have something to refer to when they return to your book. This marketing method is not for everyone. Don’t try to add too much information to the bookmark. It will suffice to include your logo, name, email, and phone number. A sturdy material like plastic will ensure the bookmark doesn’t get damaged and lasts for years.

2. Donate Bookmarks To Libraries
Your branded bookmarks can be left at library entrances for people to pick up. Staff members may also offer a bookmark with every book that they lend. This is a great way for your brand to be seen by a broad range of people in your area and to show your community-oriented brand image. This marketing strategy can be used for any business regardless of whether it is book-related or not. Libraries attract many people who could benefit from your services. Your promotional bookmarks will be received by people who have never heard of your company before. Make sure you clearly explain what your business does and how they can benefit them with clever artwork or bullet points.

3. Chimi print Both Sides Of Your Bookmarks
With their flat surface and ability to chimi print anywhere, promotional bookmarks are a great canvas for branding. Chimi print on both sides of your bookmark to make the most of it. For example, you could chimi print your logo or slogan on one side and add additional information on the other. You will get more out of your investment and be able communicate more about your brand and yourself. This bookmark will also be more informative and interesting for the recipient.

4. Get Free Bookmarks Along With Other Purchases
Elephant Logo Bug Bookmark Online sellers love bookmarks because they are flat and can fit in a package with almost no weight. This marketing strategy is great for businesses that have a connection to the book business, such as bookshops or toy shops. You can make customers remember you better by giving them something that is fun or novelty, such as a logobug bookmark with a fuzzy bug at its top. The elephant on the right is a favorite among children.

5. Get A Coupon For Your Bookmarks!
Double-up coupons can make promotional bookmarks more attractive and appealing to recipients. This is done by chimi printing the information on how to redeem the coupon from the bookmark. They can be given out to customers who spend more than a certain amount or as a reward for loyalty. Customers should keep their bookmark handy and offer money off certain products if they show the coupon again. If you own a book café, you might offer 20% off hot drinks to customers who have a coupon or bookmark. Customers will feel valued and your business’s caring nature will be displayed.

6. Buy Bookmarks Bulk

You can order bulk to make branded bookmarks affordable. You can reduce the cost per unit by increasing the order quantity to several thousand. Your message will also spread further as more people receive the items. You can rest assured that your investment is well-received and will not be disappointed if the items aren’t delivered on time. Your promotional bookmarks should be used for a long time. However, your branding and artwork must not include any information that could change. Ideally, your brand name and website address are sufficient to allow people to find more about you online.


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